ZenBurger – Sample-Pak

Sku: ZB1275-Sample

These gourmet ZenBurgers™ Original are deliciously “craveable” and NUTritious!  Made with all organic ingredients, each bite is packed with: cashews, sunflower seeds, brown rice, expeller cold-pressed carrot juice, coconut amino acids, and a perfect super-special blend of organic non-irradiated spices that are mild, fresh and will make your taste buds smile!  Loaded with nature’s best high-protein and nutrient-dense organic ingredients these NutBurgers™ are simply…”NUTin’ but love from Mama Earth” and there’s “NUTin’ Like ‘Em On The Planet!”



Comes in a case of 6 – (2 packs ZenBurger Original, 2 packs ZenBurger Thai Coconut, 1 pack Zen Street Tacos, 1 pack ZenBalls)

Can’t decide on which delicious ZenBurger product you’d like to try?  Enjoy our full size sample packs with one box of each!  Now you can taste each of our craveable, organic, nut-based, high protein meals.  All of our products are Non-GMO, Gluten-Soy-Free and No MSG for nuttin’ but the best!  Your whole family is sure to love our wide variety of healthy snacks and meals.

SIZE – Per Package
6 – 3.5 oz. ZenBurger Original patties
6 – 3.5 oz. ZenBurger Thai Coconut patties
8 – 1.75 oz. ZenTacos
15 – .75oz. ZenBalls